Monday, November 17, 2014

Press Release for Manifesting Magnificence: A Personal Growth Workbook, by, Gina Meyers (and friends)

Manifesting Magnificence is a personal growth workbook with uplifting exercises to promote positive benefits in the areas of mind, body, and spirit.

Who is the book for: 
 A Personal Growth workbook for parents, teachers, married, divorced, single people, anyone who is looking for an easy plan to get their life jump started, energized, moving forward in the direction of their visions and dreams.

Intention for the book: 
The books main purpose an inspirational workbook on how to access our dreams/visions for our future. We have to be clear on our future and visualize it and be free of negative thought patterns to achieve our dreams of manifesting magnificence.

Who is the book written by: 
The book is a collaboration of authors, teachers, spiritual leaders, therapists, artists who have techniques to promote personal growth through a series of fun exercises, worksheets, organizational tips, positive affirmations, meditations, physical and mental exercises, thoughts to contemplate, inspiration through others stories. 

Book is published by:
Serendipity Media Group

Release Date: 1/1/15

Categories: Personal growth, self-esteem, meditation, nutrition, mind, body, spirit.

Book will be published in softcover as well as e book format.

E Book:
Many of the authors will have their section available in e book prior to publication of the workbook. Please see first in the series: Manifesting Magnificence: An Easy Guide To Meditation by, Richard Parenti.

Below is an example of one of our contributors, Richard Parenti and his Feel Good Secrets from A-Z Exercise, as found in his book, Emotional Sobriety: Feel-Good Secrets for Everyone published by, Balboa Press: A Division of Hay House.

“Often a situation presents itself to you and you’re knee-jerk reaction feels good, but then you sabotage yourself by finding a way to talk yourself out of following through for one reason or another.”-Richard, Yoga Health Institute

A sample of feel good secrets from A-Z Exercise. Think of a positive uplifting word for each letter of the alphabet.

A Awesome
B Beautiful
C Clever
D Delicious
E Exhilarating
F Fabulous
G Great
H Happy

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