Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year, A New You!

A New Year, a new you!

I am not much for resolutions. Studies have shown that most people do not stick with their resolutions anyways. Gyms are full to the brim the first three weeks in January, and after that people have a tendency to fall back into their usual patterns of behavior. I am not a psychologist, nor do I play one on TV, rather I am a human being that has mastered the art of living without a resolution to change what already works for me. The key to making any New Years resolution stick is truly in the “defining”. My children are very lucky, they don’t have “chores”, rather the word we use in defining “chores” is “responsibilities”. The same goes for “resolutions” I use the word “dream board”. Before I met my husband in 1995, I created a simple dream board with magazine clippings of what I desired for my future. These are the things that were on the first dream board, or some of the things in no particular order. 1) A new house, 2) a wedding, 3) a committed relationship, 4) to be a published author, specifically, to publish my Magic of Bewitched Book.

How do you organize your “dreams” or “resolutions”? The easiest way for me is to cut pictures and words out of magazines and newspapers and tape or glue them onto a large poster board. Because poster boards take up a lot of room, I usually take a digital photo of the “dream board”, store it on my computer and use it as a visualization technique of “exciting things to come”. So far in the past sixteen years, I can say with all honesty and no hesitation, I have and continue to make all of my resolutions come true.

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