Saturday, July 7, 2012

Martin Brilliant Color, by, Cheyne Yeager

Martin and his friends go on an oceanic adventure. What they initially find are buckets of colored paint. Eventually, Martin and his friends put on a play and share what they've learned along the journey. Beautifully illustrated by Cheyne Yeager. Copyright 2012 Serendipity Publishing. 

Inside each book that Serendipity publishes, there is a message. First time author Cheyne Yeager has made a statement in his first book, a statement that speaks volumes and is meant to teach us all a lesson. Question to ponder: Are we really so different after all? Let's start a conversation.... Let's share a message.... Be true to who you are like Martin because you never know who might be taking notice, listening, or simply wanting to "fit" in. Lesson: We are all different, unique, slightly odd, quirky in our own sort of cute way, but that doesn't make us less love able, it actually makes us more love able. If as human beings we can become capable of embracing our differences, we can see that we truly have a lot in common. A rainbow of possibilities! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marketing 411: Your formula for success

Marketing 411: Your formula for success
Marketing is a strategic exchange of products and services. Marketing creates a plan that causes a predetermined desired goal or result by focusing on externally related needs of a potential consumer who will find value in your product or service. Marketing is the creative execution of a plan to sell to an intended consumer a product or service. Niche marketing is honing in on a specific market also known as a specialized group of consumers. Marketing is an exchange between a marketer who has goals and objectives and a market also known as a consumer who has wants and needs. The exchange can be an exchange of ideas, money, products, services, but the exchange must have value. A consumer must perceive that the marketer’s product or service has value. A marketer has to take into consideration a number of components such as competition, price, and information in determining if their product is the most valuable to the consumer. The consumer or market must want to buy the product or service because they feel a need for the service or product.

Value is derived by three components: 1) physical, 2) functional, and 3) psychological. 

Gina Meyers has been a television consultant for Popstar! Magazine , Columbia Pictures Television, as well as Nickelodeon Magazine. She is a featured regular on national radio and television programs as a cooking expert and is the San Jose Cooking Examiner. Gina has also worked for Xerox and Google Corporation. Gina has a Business Degree in Marketing and an emergency teaching credential. She has penned over ten successful cookbooks and books of inspiration. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Hope Cookbook, Louisiana Inspired by, Gina Meyers & Liz Longo

New Hope Cookbook, Louisiana Inspired is more than a cookbook. It is a collection of colorful and environmentally conscious illustrations by Brooklyn artist, Liz Longo. It is collaboration between Gina Meyers, her concept of a children’s book about how children cope with disaster as well as French inspired recipes and basic French words and phrases. New Hope Cookbook, Louisiana Inspired, takes the reader on a culinary and historical journey as the story starts in Stacy’s mothers’ Louisiana restaurant, Mama’s Feel Good Kitchen. The story unfolds with children writing pen pal letters to their friends in other states trying to explain the oil spill in a lighthearted way and at the same time sharing the musical, cultural and historical story of Louisiana. Gina’s daughter Lauren Meyers, shares her thoughts on Louisiana when Gina and her family traveled there in December of 2010 for book signing events and meeting the children of Louisiana. Liz illustrates pictures of her daughter Izzy and her friend when they heard that the “oil spill had been capped.” Lucas Meyers, Gina’s son is featured as “Luke” in the story.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year, A New You!

A New Year, a new you!

I am not much for resolutions. Studies have shown that most people do not stick with their resolutions anyways. Gyms are full to the brim the first three weeks in January, and after that people have a tendency to fall back into their usual patterns of behavior. I am not a psychologist, nor do I play one on TV, rather I am a human being that has mastered the art of living without a resolution to change what already works for me. The key to making any New Years resolution stick is truly in the “defining”. My children are very lucky, they don’t have “chores”, rather the word we use in defining “chores” is “responsibilities”. The same goes for “resolutions” I use the word “dream board”. Before I met my husband in 1995, I created a simple dream board with magazine clippings of what I desired for my future. These are the things that were on the first dream board, or some of the things in no particular order. 1) A new house, 2) a wedding, 3) a committed relationship, 4) to be a published author, specifically, to publish my Magic of Bewitched Book.

How do you organize your “dreams” or “resolutions”? The easiest way for me is to cut pictures and words out of magazines and newspapers and tape or glue them onto a large poster board. Because poster boards take up a lot of room, I usually take a digital photo of the “dream board”, store it on my computer and use it as a visualization technique of “exciting things to come”. So far in the past sixteen years, I can say with all honesty and no hesitation, I have and continue to make all of my resolutions come true.