Friday, August 12, 2016

Meet Author Ellen Cummins

Meet Author Ellen Cummins
 By, Gina Meyers 

In my quest as a marketing, promotions and author, I am always seeking out interesting people and wanting to share them with the world. I recently volunteered to schedule authors for the Ripon Color the Skies Event this coming Labor Day Weekend. That didn’t quite pan out since the host of the event was unable to provide a table and chairs for the event so even better, I get to share who I discovered in another format. Without further ado, meet Ellen Cummins.

Ellen Cummins, a writer of fantasy fiction and romance, has been obsessed with anything that makes her heart flutter. From vampires to monsters to regular humans, she loves to write about remarkable beings with extraordinary gifts that bring a level of something good even though the odds are stacked against them.
Born and raised in Modesto, she spends her summers chasing adventures that make her breath hitch in her throat, or twist her heart into a knot! She’s a manicurist by day and a retail jewelry associate by night, taking care of three children, a home, and a husband when she’s not rocking out at a concert, burying her nose in a gut-wrenching novel, or watching Game of Thrones. Creating beautiful, thought provoking stories is something she’s very passionate about, and wants nothing more than to share them with the world!

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