Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Remembering Patty Duke, an unsung hero

Call me Anna

Imagine being your best.

Not settling for mere imitation

Rather, giving your absolute best to the world.

The world may be raught with imitators and competitors,

But you are different.

You have set yourself apart from the rest

You heard the call, you answered it,

You made the decision

You didn’t make the decision to walk away

You didn’t make the decision to run

You didn’t chose comfort

You embraced

You embraced the spirit of what you believe

Who you are

You took your past and you trashed it,

You recycled the parts that have built your character

And your integrity

You’ve shed the rest

In a big garbage heap of no regret

But rather hope

The phoenix has arisen from the ashes

He is alive and borne inside you

He is real

Despite your best last ditch efforts you tried to leave yourself behind

But the phoenix was within you-ready to fly…..

Soar above the rest

There is no owner’s manual for life, but there are guides like the bible to help us along the journey. When I was a teenager, I read two life changing books: Keeping Secrets, by, Suzanne Somers, and Call Me Anna, by, Patty Duke Astin.  We lost an unsung hero yesterday, mental health activist &, actress, Patty Duke. It wasn’t that long ago that I saw her at The Orpheum in San Francisco in the Broadway Musical Wicked. Some may remember her in The Miracle Worker, others, Valley of The Dolls, still others may remember her cute teenage spirit in the tv show, The Patty Duke Show. However you remember her, remember that she was brave and courageous and took a topic, Bipolar Disorder and gave it a face. Though I am sincerely grateful to not be afflicted with such a disease, I have had family members whom I love and have loved dearly who faced the same demons that Patty so candidly shared with the world.

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