Thursday, February 11, 2016

Book Description: From Darkness To Light: A Fight For My Light and Life

Serendipity provides a tradition of success. Whether you chose the road less traveled or the path most traveled, rest assured that your needs are our top priority. From Darkness To Light: A Fight For My Light and Life, by, Avi Gardner.

From Darkness to Light
by, Avi Gardner

How many of us are dealing with major changes? How many of us want tools for surviving divorce, death, war, assault, and other major traumas?  How many of us desperately need tools for moving forward and living our dreams?

Losing almost everything she owned and nearly all she was as a person, Avi Gardner found the courage to begin again and rebuild her life from the ashes. Ever since her early teens, Avi’s motto to others has been: “Live your dreams.” Although she tried time and time again to live her instead, she lived out unconscious beliefs formed during a traumatic childhood.


Like many World War II and Vietnam veterans, Avi relived early events as if they were happening in the present. As she tried to put the pieces together, her whole life seemed to fall apart. Until one morning she stepped out in front of a bus.


This book is her story. It is about the Light that gets us through the darkest times. Let it guide you with tools to help you heal from trauma, PTSD or any major life change. Let it help you truly live your dreams and reach your full potential. Let it be your first step toward the Light.

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