Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Erin's Adventures in Dreamsville, by, Michelle Tighe, A sneak peak!

Erin's Adventures in Dreamsville. In case you are wondering what it is about, here's a sneak peek!

Little did Erin O‟Malley know she was about to experience the most life-altering year of her existence! The sudden passing of her Aunt Ireland would bring bittersweet emotions along with newly found friends. Special tea parties and blissful Sundays spent baking would always remain treasured memories in Erin‟s heart. However, this was not the only treasure which Erin bared. Her aunt left a part of her legacy underneath a blue blanket in Erin's closet. Curiosity of the unknown only heightened the excitement of what Erin was about to reveal about her aunt as well as herself. Either way, nothing or no one could have prepared prepared her for what came next, like her aunt's secret life and Erin's purpose in it all.

Erin's Adventures in Dreamsville is a Serendipity Media Inc. publication. Available Fall 2013.
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