Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Hope Cookbook, Louisiana Inspired by, Gina Meyers & Liz Longo

New Hope Cookbook, Louisiana Inspired is more than a cookbook. It is a collection of colorful and environmentally conscious illustrations by Brooklyn artist, Liz Longo. It is collaboration between Gina Meyers, her concept of a children’s book about how children cope with disaster as well as French inspired recipes and basic French words and phrases. New Hope Cookbook, Louisiana Inspired, takes the reader on a culinary and historical journey as the story starts in Stacy’s mothers’ Louisiana restaurant, Mama’s Feel Good Kitchen. The story unfolds with children writing pen pal letters to their friends in other states trying to explain the oil spill in a lighthearted way and at the same time sharing the musical, cultural and historical story of Louisiana. Gina’s daughter Lauren Meyers, shares her thoughts on Louisiana when Gina and her family traveled there in December of 2010 for book signing events and meeting the children of Louisiana. Liz illustrates pictures of her daughter Izzy and her friend when they heard that the “oil spill had been capped.” Lucas Meyers, Gina’s son is featured as “Luke” in the story.

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