Monday, September 26, 2011

Facts About Lilian Finch: Captain At Sea

Lilian Finch was born under an umbrella of sadness. When Lilian was born, her mother died and left her and her father, Henry “Dead Eye” Finch alone.
Henry, a pirate, knew it was unlucky to have a female aboard a pirate ship, and so decided to disguise Lilian as a boy from birth.
In this sequel to “Lilian Finch: Her Maiden Voyage,” Lilian finally reveals her secret to her friend Storm who is surprisingly understanding and supportive of helping Lilian be her true self.
The two girls obtain a ship, The Sea Maiden, and set out to find a crew before heading out on their first mission – to find the survivors of The Blue Mist and Panama Pete who attacked the ship and killed its leader, Captain Wellington.
On their search, Lilian and her crew explore an enchanted island, find some friends she thought she had lost forever and partner with fellow pirate Captain George Moore to get revenge on Panama Pete.
After several exciting rescues and a sneak attack, Lilian finally gets her revenge on Panama Pete and also finds her true love.