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Pat Priest: Memories Of Mockingbird Lane, "The Munsters" excerpt from Living Room Legends, by, Eddie Lucas

“The Munsters”

1313 Mockingbird Lane is an address I remember with great fondness. At first glance, one might grow suspect of this decrepit landmark-replete with wrought-iron gates, stone walls, howling winds, and blowing tumbleweed. But this wasn’t just any average, neighborhood haunted house.
This archaic Mockingbird Heights mansion was the gothic homestead of The Munsters; Grandpa, Herman, Lily, Eddie, and Marilyn, one of the most atypical families ever encountered on the small screen.
The intriguing interior of this unusual abode had it all--a staircase that opened to reveal Spot, the family fire-breathing pet; a casket in the hall that housed the family telephone; and a downstairs dungeon full of electricity-spitting machines and bubbling test-tubes full of Grandpa’s secret potions.
Watching The Munsters was always great fun--an escape from the “normal” TV families of the day. And in the days before computers and video games, a kid like me had to be imaginative and create some fun of his own. There were a few times when I’d pin an old beach towel over my shoulders and stomp down the steps to our family carport, pretending I was Grandpa Munster descending his dark dungeon to create new potions and spells.
One day, I grabbed a box of something from the laundry room to add to my latest concoction. After carefully administering a few drops of water, it began to fizz, bubble, and foam! Excitedly, I ran up the hill to my uncle’s house to show them my incredible new creation! But Jeannie, my wise-acre older cousin, was quick to inform me that it was just “New Tide with X-K Enzymes” that my mom had recently purchased at the local Thriftway, and “it was supposed to do that.” That startling revelation quickly knocked the air out of my bubble, but it was still entertaining, and The Munsters bring back many enjoyable memories.
Unfortunately, Grandpa, (Al Lewis), Herman (Fred Gwynne), and Lily (Yvonne DeCarlo) are no longer with us; leaving only widow-peaked, wolf-boy, Eddie (Butch Patrick) and in the words of The Munsters’ themselves, “poor, unfortunate Marilyn” (who was actually the only normal looking one of the bunch).
Beverley Owen, who played Marilyn for the first thirteen episodes, asked to be released from her contract (to move closer to her fiancĂ© in New York) and was abruptly replaced. The mid-season switch was so sudden, and the “Marilyns” looked so much alike, that upon first glance, some viewers barely noticed the new beauty gracing the catchy Munsters melody, until a closer inspection revealed an entirely new name on the opening credits; that of lovely Pat Priest.

To read more about Pat Priest and her experiences in Hollywood, turn to Living Room Legends: Chats With TV's Famous Faces, by, Eddie Lucas

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Facts About Lilian Finch: Captain At Sea

Lilian Finch was born under an umbrella of sadness. When Lilian was born, her mother died and left her and her father, Henry “Dead Eye” Finch alone.
Henry, a pirate, knew it was unlucky to have a female aboard a pirate ship, and so decided to disguise Lilian as a boy from birth.
In this sequel to “Lilian Finch: Her Maiden Voyage,” Lilian finally reveals her secret to her friend Storm who is surprisingly understanding and supportive of helping Lilian be her true self.
The two girls obtain a ship, The Sea Maiden, and set out to find a crew before heading out on their first mission – to find the survivors of The Blue Mist and Panama Pete who attacked the ship and killed its leader, Captain Wellington.
On their search, Lilian and her crew explore an enchanted island, find some friends she thought she had lost forever and partner with fellow pirate Captain George Moore to get revenge on Panama Pete.
After several exciting rescues and a sneak attack, Lilian finally gets her revenge on Panama Pete and also finds her true love.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lilian Finch: Her Maiden Voyage Available in E Book Format

What would you do if you were faced with the single biggest tragedy of your life and on the same day, the biggest joy was born? That is exactly the scenario for Henry “Dead Eye” Finch, a hard working man who loved two things, his wife and the sea. Confronted with survival upon the arrival of Lilian Henry “Dead Eye” must disguise Lilian’s true identity. And like the sea’s tumultuous ways, life’s road didn’t hit a bump, the road was obliterated the second his dearly beloved wife Lilian dies during childbirth. An unknown fear and love stir within Henry “Dead Eye” like the perfect storm. Within every man dwells an inner conflict between independence and love. Within every pirate, however, lie desires so fierce, unexplainable. The lure of the ocean like a siren, brings a new love, the unconditional love of a daughter, Lilian. Come aboard for the adventure, tale, and spirit. Like how a well provides a life spring of plentiful water, the oceans allure provides lifelong adventure.

Lilian Finch: Her Maiden Voyage, by, Kelly Lin-Gallagher Roncace can be ordered at or

For further information, please contact Gina Meyers at Serendipity Media Group:,

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Meet Author Eddie Lucas

What projects are you currently working on or have in the near future?
My second book, Living Room Legends: Chat’s with TV’s Famous Faces, has just been released and I’m very pleased with the end result and excited about its potential. I’ve also recently completed a special Leave It To Beaver edition of Legends with exclusive interviews featuring Barbara Billingsley and Tony Dow, and I’ve just began work on a third edition, so I’m in the process of contacting and setting up interviews with new celebrities.

Tell us about your new book.
Legends is a collection of exclusive conversations I’ve had with some of classic TV’s most popular and best-loved personalities. I’m very pleased with the caliber of celebrities in this edition--Phyllis Diller, Jim Nabors, Lucie Arnaz, Donna Douglas, etc. Especially since some of those featured, for various reasons, no longer grant in-depth interviews.

What made you want to produce this book?
First and foremost, I’m a television fan and historian, so I wanted to find out more about some of our favorite TV shows and the stars that generations of us have grown up watching. I wanted to ask the types of questions that sometimes run around in the back of your mind when you’re watching a particular show or celebrity—the kind that die-hard, as well as casual fans would ask if given the opportunity. It was also important for me to hear what they had to say in their own words, in order to keep what they had to say intact, and not filtered through a press agent or whittled down to fit into a newspaper or magazine article, because many times in those situations, the essence of what they have to say is lost. So I chose an oral history/commentary as a way to preserve the historical significance of their time on some of the most beloved shows on TV. I feel the preservation of television history is important, and many of these iconic performers won’t be with us forever, so it was important for me to do that.

You have had a very varied and exciting career. Tell us more about
what you’ve done, what you’d like to do, and your passions.
I was pleased that my first book, Close-Ups: Conversations with Our TV Favorites, received a 5-star rating from Sitcoms Online, and was named “Best TV Book of 2008” by Classic Images Magazine. That helped open many new doors so I could continue in that genre.
I enjoy writing and anything to do with entertainment, especially television, so I would love to move into writing as a full-time career. I would eventually like to work with celebrities on their own books or various other projects, even as a ghostwriter. One of my goals is to someday host a “Merv Griffin” style TV talk show; a relaxed atmosphere where I could interview some of these celebrities who are no longer invited on other talk shows anymore because they currently are not on a “top-ten” show, or have nothing to “promote”. I would like to give them a voice; to share their experiences, memories, and life lessons, much like I am doing now with the Legends books, but in the television venue.

Which foods and drinks most excite your taste buds?
I can enjoy a good seafood dinner, anytime, and nothing beats my mother’s fried chicken. I enjoy a good glass of iced tea or cup of coffee, some white wine, and though I’m not a big beer drinker, I enjoy a dark lager from time to time.
What is your greatest extravagance?
Traveling and dining out.

What is your life lesson?
To believe in yourself, and to know that if there is something that you want to accomplish or change in your life, it can be done, if you just believe it, see it happening in your mind, and feel as if it’s already accomplished! It works every time!

Describe what the word serendipity means to you.
Something good and unexpected that comes your way, adding to the good that’s already in your life.

How do you maintain a balance between home and work life?
Keep it in perspective. Home life comes first.

Which celebrity would you like to trade places with and why?
I can’t think of anyone in particular, but overall, I’d like to see what it’s like to be the star or co-star of a sitcom, to see all the inner-workings and behind the scenes things that happen in order to get it in the can and on the air.

What one thing in your life you are most proud of?
I’ve been a teacher for over 25 years, and it’s nice when you see a student years later and they tell you how much they loved being in your class and that they learned a lot. It’s a nice feeling to know that you’re making a difference in someone’s life. As far as my writing career, I’m pleased when someone who has read my book tells me, “You asked all the things I would have asked!” That’s a great compliment and gives me validation that I am on the right track and accomplishing what I set out to do.

What is one thing in your life you would like to forget?
When I was recently invited to see a special program at a church and I pulled out my cell phone to make sure it was turned down, and accidentally hit some TV-theme song ringers I had downloaded and the “SpongeBob SquarePants” song echoed throughout the sanctuary. (ARE YOU READY KIDS?! Aye, Aye, Captain! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!...)

If you were in a position where millions of people admired you, what
would be the one thing you would want to be a role model of?
Being true to yourself and believing and accepting who you are, and realizing that your life has purpose.

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LIVING ROOM LEGENDS: Chats with TV’s Famous Faces by, Eddie Lucas

Living Room Legends Purchase Options
personalized autographed copy
autographed by author

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Living Room Legends: Chats With TV's Famous Faces, by, Eddie Lucas Press Release

For Immediate Release
Contact: Gina Meyers

ISBN: 978-09825039-6-6

Living Room Legends: Chats With TV’s Famous Faces
By, Eddie Lucas

Legendary Broadway, Movie, and TV star Kaye Ballard (The Mothers-in-Law, The Doris Day Show) says: “Eddie Lucas has a great appreciation for what was! He cares and writes about people that should not be forgotten in Show-Biz!”

TV fans of all ages will savor the rich oral history of these small screen classics conveyed by those who were there!

Living Room Legends: Chats With TV’s Famous Faces is, a Pop Culture treasure trove filled with behind-the-scenes details, amusing anecdotes, then and now photos, and TV trivia galore!

Take a stroll down memory lane with stars from: The Andy Griffith Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Danny Thomas Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Flying Nun, Gomer Pyle USMC, Green Acres, Here's Lucy, The Jetsons, and The Munsters.

Living Room Legends is a collection of exclusive conversations with some of classic television’s most beloved personalities, offering in-depth answers to questions of interest not previously asked, and preserving for posterity the historical significance of their time on some of the most beloved shows in television history.

Curl up on the couch and take a nostalgic trip down television lane with Living Room Legends: Chats With TV’s Famous Faces.

Inside Living Room Legends: Chats With TV’s Famous Faces, you will discover:

* The importance of the preservation of television history and the stories voiced by its iconic performers.

* The book is written by a fan for fans.

* Several of the celebrities featured in Legends break with tradition and make the rare exception to talk about their television past, who in the past, and for reasons of their own, typically no longer grant interviews on the subject.

* The book is a fun and easy read!

* The celebrities not only share their sitcom experiences, but also talk about what they did afterwards, and what they’re doing now.

About The Author:
Eddie Lucas is a baby-boomer, writer, educator, and vintage TV historian. Eddie Lucas is a 1983 graduate of the University of Central Florida, having completed courses in Radio and Television Broadcasting and Journalism. He has spent thousands of hours reading every article, interview, and book available on the history and background of television—its writers, producers, the iconic studios who produced them, such as Desilu and Screen Gems, even down to most minute details, such as episode titles, special guest stars, and original air dates. Eddie says: “As a classic television fan and historian, I wanted to delve deeper and find out more about some of my favorite TV shows and the stars we baby boomers all grew up watching. I wanted to go beyond what had previously been written in articles and books to find the answers to questions that casual, as well as die-hard fans have always wanted to ask. I wanted to capture in their own words, their first-hand accounts and personal experiences, and preserve for posterity the historical significance of their time on some of the most beloved shows in television history.”

Living Room Legends: Chats with TV’s Famous Faces can be purchased:,,, or via publisher at: Serendipity Media Group: PO Box 26734 Fresno, Ca. 93729.


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Things To Know About Prince William

Things To Know About Prince William

By, Gina Meyers

  1. William Arthur Philip Louis, is Will’s full name.
  2. William’s last name is: Windsor.
  3. His Royal Highness, The Future King Of England.
  4. Queen Elizabeth is the current Monarch ruling on the British Throne.
  5. Queen Elizabeth is William’s paternal grandmother.
  6. Charles, Prince of Wales is the next in line for the throne.
  7. Charles is Prince William’s dad.
  8. Prince William has a younger brother.
  9. Prince William’s younger brother is named: Harry.
  10. Prince Andrew is Prince Charles’ brother.
  11. Prince Andrew is Prince William’s uncle on his father’s side.
  12. Princess Ann is Prince Charles’ sister.
  13. Prince William’s aunt on his father’s side is Princess Ann.
  14. Prince Edward is Prince Charles’ youngest brother.
  15. Prince Edward is Prince William’s uncle on his father’s side.
  16. Prince William has aunts and uncles on his mothers’ side as well.
  17. Prince William’s parents are the late Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince of Wales, Charles.
  18. Prince William’s mothers’ maiden name was Spencer.
  19. Diana was a lady in waiting according to British hierarchy.
  20. When someone is a lady in waiting, it means that they are distantly blood related to the monarchy.
  21. Princess Diana married her distant cousin, Charles, in 1981.
  22. There is a Prince William Fan Club.
  23. Prince William’s fan club extends to the United States, Australia, England, and Canada.
  24. Prince William’s nickname is the Prince of Hearts.
  25. Prince William was born on June 21, 1982.
  26. Prince Charles’s full name is: Charles Philip Arthur George.
  27. Prince William weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces.
  28. Diana and Charles broke with royal tradition when it came to William’s upbringing.
  29. Princess Diana and Prince Charles changed William’s diapers and helped to raise him with some assistance from nannies.
  30. William was christened on August the 4th, 1982.
  31. Prince William’s christening was on the queen Mum’s 82nd birthday.
  32. Prince William’s first royal engagement was in March of 1991.
  33. Prince William attended Ludgrove School.
  34. In England, people wear yellow daffodils for Saint David’s Day!
  35. Prince William’s first royal engagement was in Cardiff, Wales.
  36. Prince William went with his mother to his first royal engagement.
  37. During Prince William’s first official engagement, he unveiled a new plaque.
  38. Princess Diana carefully trained Prince William and Prince Harry to appreciate the difference between public duties and private family time.
  39. Princess Diana also wanted her boys to relish in their private time, and to keep up with their grades and public duties.

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An Exclusive Interview With Lucie Arnaz, "Hello Lucie!"


Here’s Lucy

Descending from such a gifted lineage of show business royalty, one might assume that feeling comfortable in front of an audience, and living in the steady glow of the public spotlight would come as second nature for the eldest offspring of entertainment legends Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. But that wasn’t always so for the little girl who was then affectionately known as “Little Lucie”.

Despite an invitation to appear with her parents on what has now become the most popular and beloved sitcom in television history, Lucie Desiree’ Arnaz decided not to make her TV debut on I Love Lucy. Though rumored to have appeared alongside her brother as one of the children in “The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue”, Desi Jr. can be spotted in the background, but don’t be fooled; this Lucie is nowhere to be seen.

“I can pretty much tell you why I’m not there. I probably refused to come out of my room to do it, because I was extremely shy.” So much so, that when the siblings would be introduced while watching the show from the audience bleachers, Arnaz repeatedly rebuffed the acknowledgements.

“Desi would immediately stand up and take this cute little gentlemanly bow with one hand in the front and the other in the back, and then they would say, ‘and our daughter Lucie.’ And they’d look around, and they couldn’t find me! I was under the seat! I had usually crawled under the seat!”

If you would like to read more of Lucie Arnaz's interview, please consider purchasing the full interview on e-book (readable on your pc). Also available in softcover format by ordering from amazon or for an autographed copy from Room Legends: A Chat With Lucie Arnaz, Copyright © 2011 by Eddie Lucas. Publisher, Serendipity Media Group, LLC