Monday, October 4, 2010

Author Profile, Liz Longo
Liz Longo is a native New Yorker. Her Italian family arrived on Ellis Island in the start of the 1900’s with two simple dollars and not a word of English either. The boat broke down on the way but that’s another story. As a result, Liz very much relates to and appreciates the ever changing population, bringing new smiles, flavors and spices to the city.

Inspired by the New York Public Library’s French Book Art/Livres D’Artists, Artist and Poets in Dialogue exhibit in 2006 of artist collaborations between 1874 and 1999, Liz maintains “The merge of these art forms reveals the beautiful depth of humanity’s soul, we can collaborate peace...a masterpiece, if we are supportive of each other’s simple existence.”

The illustrations for A Bird and It’s Albatross: a Tale of Renewal, features Australian birds, are acrylic on paper by the author. The poet reveals “A bird flies and so too our thoughts; in common, they each seemingly fly aimlessly yet they will eventually land. The Cause and Effect typically thought of for just the physical world, does very much apply to thoughts as they are directed.” We need to think wise and be earth wise.

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