Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Manifesting Magnificence: A New Year, A New You, by, Serendipity Author Liz Longo

Liz is change agent. A native New Yorker, Liz knows how to multitask. In her commentary, “Relation Ships”, she sails you in a new direction by working in a healthy current of progressive thoughts. Relation Ships Relationships - it’s a compound word with a complex problem. It kind of depends on where you split the word but even then there are issues. Nevertheless it ain’t easy either way. What do I mean? You jest... Scenario 1. First word - relation. Second word - ship. Relation, a noun, per Dictionary.Com is: “an existing connection; a significant association between or among things: “the relation between cause and effect.” Tie that one onto a ship, a sailing vessel (the heart) square-rigged (non-flexible, though portable) on all of three or more masts (possibilities), stay sails (more considerations), and a spanker (uh...no thank you) on the after-most mast (structure that holds the sails) (the relentless disposition of one party of a relation-ship that cause the effect of morning sickness without any relaxing fetus making a chaise lounge out of your cushy womb wall at all, or - if you are a man, the lifelong dent in your wallet and social life as well. The way I view it is the ship sails, relations go adrift until they reach so far enough way to a far, far, far off shore that you can finally wave painlessly. List the people in your life that have set sail? How did it make you feel when they left? How do you feel about it today?

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