Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meet Richard Parenti, author of Emotional Sobriety

As a Hay House author, and real life survivor and thriver, Richard Parenti knows how to power up or rather level up his language to elevate and change his moods, feelings, and thoughts.

Serendipity Media Group is proud to announce that Mr. Parenti is a contribting positive incantation specialist sharing his, Thoughts For The Day.

Thought For The Day:

"When you find yourself in alignment with your source energy, outside conditions won't matter."

"The wise man or woman gives 99% of their attention to how they feel about what they want, while continually reaching for the next best feeling thought, and 1% to inspired action, thus enjoying
Journey and staying in their power."-Richard, Yoga Health Institute

Emotional Sobriety
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