Saturday, July 7, 2012

Martin Brilliant Color, by, Cheyne Yeager

Martin and his friends go on an oceanic adventure. What they initially find are buckets of colored paint. Eventually, Martin and his friends put on a play and share what they've learned along the journey. Beautifully illustrated by Cheyne Yeager. Copyright 2012 Serendipity Publishing. 

Inside each book that Serendipity publishes, there is a message. First time author Cheyne Yeager has made a statement in his first book, a statement that speaks volumes and is meant to teach us all a lesson. Question to ponder: Are we really so different after all? Let's start a conversation.... Let's share a message.... Be true to who you are like Martin because you never know who might be taking notice, listening, or simply wanting to "fit" in. Lesson: We are all different, unique, slightly odd, quirky in our own sort of cute way, but that doesn't make us less love able, it actually makes us more love able. If as human beings we can become capable of embracing our differences, we can see that we truly have a lot in common. A rainbow of possibilities! 

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  1. Beutifully illustrated, with an even more beautiful message. With the epidemic of bullying we are experiencing right now, this book teaches children at a young age to be tolerant of many different types of people. So relevant right now in our time. And the illustrations are true art. Great work!