Friday, November 11, 2011

The Style of Serendipity on 11-11-11

Style of Serendipity

An article by Gina Marie Hill Meyers, 11-11-11

On a New Years Eve, back in 2008, I realized one of my dreams. My husband took me to the famous Serendipity 333 restaurant showcased in the movie starring Jon Cusack, Serendipity. How we got there was a story too. My stepdaughter Makenna, daughter Lauren, and son Lucas stayed behind at the Millennium hotel in the heart of Manhattan. Lucas had a fever and it was very close to our last day in New York City. We landed in Jamaica New York on New Years Eve 2007. I love coming up with little catchy names for places we’ve been. Jamaica, New York, I liked to say with a reggae type Jamaican accent, “Jam Makin me crazy”. That night, David and I danced to reggae music in a hotel bar as the children were upstairs watching Rock N’ Eve. Ok, I’ve digressed. Lucas wasn’t feeling well and Lauren and Makenna discovered a new television show at the time, “Americas Next Top Model”. So, my husband obliged my request to take a taxi to trek across Manhattan to the flagship Serendipity. The American middle eastern taxi driver knew we were out of towners, so he decided to take us on a wild goose chase around New York City. I knew where Serendipity was located, vicinity wise and as he pretended it was one way street after another, as I looked at my watch and the fare rise, I realized we might not make it into Serendipity. After channeling my inner New Yorker, he finally took my direction and David and I made it to Serendipity 333—only for there to be a line and a male bouncer type who told me and David under no uncertain terms that it was 10:50pm and they were closing at 11:00pm and we wouldn’t be allowed into the restaurant. David is much more passive aggressive than me, and I am the more assertive of the two of us and I was angry too. My dream of entering the famous restaurant hung in the balance and I mustered up some courage and spoke quickly, thinking on my almost frozen feet. “Well you see sir, I started,… we wouldn’t have been late. We intended on showing up quite early, but in fact, if truth be told, of which this is the truth, the taxi driver took us on an extended tour of New York City and we are leaving tomorrow morning back to California, any chance of just letting us order a quick frozen hot chocolate?” I don’t remember my exact words, but it was definitely enough for the bouncer to take piety on us, he allowed us in line. As we waited, I was so excited. The smell of chocolate drifting in the air, I looked for Sara and Jon from Serendipity wondering where the table they sat at during their chance encounter was? The restaurant is quite narrow in fact, I saw that there was an upstairs and it seemed to be mirrored downstairs. The only available seat was downstairs at a cramped round table. As we waited in line, I was mesmerized by the souvenirs of all things and also excited to talk up a storm with fellow Serendipity enthusiasts that were in line as well. I was surprised that the bouncer allowed three twenty something’s in back of us in line. They must have had a story too. There were two guys and a gal, one of the guys was just as excited about going to eat at Serendipity as me. We talked and talked. He had a jovial expression and was excited about the movie too. As David and myself were seated, we stayed true to our word, we ordered Frozen Hot Chocolate, bought a ton of souvenirs and had an uneventful taxi ride back to the Millennium hotel. In March of 2009, I started Serendipity Media Group, a promotions, marketing, and publishing house. This week, a friend Sara came by my Tea Party Lane home this week, after we both dropped our sons off at school. A native New Yorker, Sara and I drank coffee and she shared her thoughts on the word Serendipity. She said, years ago that a metaphysics professor stated these words to her: SERENDIPITY IS DEFINED AS THE EVENTS OF TIME ALIGNING THEMSELVES WITH THE PURPOSES OF DESTINY...So on 11-11-11, the UPS driver rang the doorbell. My husband and I were still in bed, my Twitch proof (my autobiography of a Bewitched fan arrived). And, the day that I placed as the Serendipity Media Reverence date: 11/11/11. Now that’s the style of Serendipity.

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